went to little trip to Kiyosumishirakawa to see " YOKO ONO -FROM MY WINDOW"
about two weeks ago. the weather was cloudy and very very cold.
but I had a nice chill and relax day there.

stopped  Yakitori shop on the way to Museum. had some yakitori for my empty stomach!
all staff looked same face. They are maybe family?? grand mum was grilling many yakitori
and the son (maybe) was talking to his wife and the daughter (maybe) was listening and keep quiet….
just imaged some story of this family….very smily and peaceful moment during eating their yakitori on the bench.
maybe I should write it down Yakitori family story later.

Yoko Ono show was great.
She is such a punk! and has so much ways for her expressions. amazing...
very influenced me in each rooms.

what can I express my Art? or something I want to say?

I don't have a lot of vocabulary and I sometime struggle to find the perfect word
from my brain. digging my word up from my deep and dark hole is very  hard work.
should read more good book. really….

Yoko's word were very simple
but felt so much meaning from inside of each pieces.

I became more fan of Yoko Ono more than before….
thank you…


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