traveling in Portland

backed from Portland last week.
We had a great time with Portland friends 
and of course we had a lots of  fun during we were there. 

I've been traveling more than 50 countries since I started flying to other country.
but I never had a chance to visit to Portland,
but the time came to me and it was made me feel so excited to go. 

First visiting is always fun. You know nothing about the city, food, shops, people….etc.
It's more like a big adventure in completely unknown places.
Specially, this time I was with my family and my Japanese friends, and 
they were feeling totally same as me or more than me?
 It seemed they were having so much adventure or survival everyday? 
 ha ha ha….

And I also felt so much in this trip how much yoga is important for my life. 
visiting yoga studios, meeting many yoga lovers,
taking many different class and meeting nice yoga teachers
are always giving so much fun,
leaning and energies.
always influenced me and it push me to move for my next step.

I met very nice yoga teachers at Bhakti shop yoga center  
Monicka and Jeannie are great teachers who I could take a class during my trip.
Their lesson are not so hard but they give you a lots of good vibes and silence in our mind.
I felt so much gratitude to be in their lessons.

Anyway, this trip changed my concept of  my values so much.

I shouldn't try to be great for everything.
I know I am not good at cooking, I know I am not good at baking
and I know I am not good at yoga ... neither…

so what!?  
I don't have a time to have a passion for everything,
 so what should I do is
just need focusing my stuff that I can find a lot of joy
and want to keep up as much as I can.

I love doing practice, I love studying yoga and cooking,
and I love healthy food that makes my body very happy!!

I should grow and create my original life style
and also should't  compare with others. (this is very important I think….) 

I was missing this point so much before this trip.
and losing confidence and getting so much stress about why I am not good like other?

but now I clearly got what is important 
and what gives me a passion and joy… 

Thanks for giving this opportunity


feeling more exciting and relaxing than before.
this trip worked a lot for me.
Thank you.

I hope I can write here more often.
and I hope I can give you a good energy from here.


Have a nice day!






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