20141107_trip to Nikko

 It was very chill and relax weekend after long long works.

was kind of break for me to breath a clean and cold fresh air in a mountain.
And it was also wonderful season to visit to Nikko. Specially, with my friends was such a fun
and We really enjoyed a lots together.

Autumn leaves were painting on trees and mountain
green, red, yellow…brown….very beautifully.

I really love Japanese autumn very much.
There are many things we can enjoy such as leaves,view, wine, fish and vegetable.

And was very happy to see my family in my home town,too.
My niece has been growing very fast since I saw her last time.
and my brother became more daddy. so nice!
was such a nice time to be with my family and my friends.

Thank you for visiting us. P-ves and Andrea
We really had a great time with you in this time.

Making a nice memory with my family and friends is my most important thing in my life.
so you are already in my treasure box.

Let's make another one!
See you in Spain or Japan again!

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