good morning.

how's your morning? nice? 
mine is quite peaceful. but i got my MacBook problem that she can't work fast at all.
She wanna be very very very slow, then i got no time to write much here now before i leave.

but i'll show you some photos in a quick.

my friend sent me a wonderful Tomato from Hokkaido , again.
look these colors !! beautiful, aren't they!?
but they were all gone for my friends and my family.
we really enjoyed (again!! ) 
Thanx RUI!! they were so YUMMY!! 

and i started prepare for my next show.
my desk was prietty mess few days ago( now is ok)
I finished one last night. 
so show you a little parts.

oh my lovely morning is over.
i got go to work.
PiPi is very charming as same as eveyday.
He said to me 
you are late!! Go Go!! 

yes! I know!!

thanx for reading in rush !?
I wish you had a wonderful day!


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