2011 Calendar


昨年は ♥ simple な気持ちだったのでスタンプを押しただけのカレンダーでした。
現在、机の上は大変なことになっていますぅ 。。。。。


Hello!  are you having nice time?
it is terribly raining from this afternoon and freezing  cold!! in Tokyo.
i was completely got wet when i backed home like a  wetting mop.
i hope my cold  not get worse later. 

last night, i started making 2011 OQUOQU calender, finally.
i am always lazy to work for calender every year. ( last year was like a middle of Dec!!  )
so this year is much faster than normal. 

i really enjoy playing decollage!!  this year.
hope i can finish them soon :-) 
(coz my desk are completely  mess now!!)

P.S - 
sorry for writing in Japanese in the beginning part of my blog. 
most of reader of my blog  are Japanese who mostly speak and read in Japanese. 
specially my mum and dad can't understand any english at all.  
but i still want to make more friends widely and i want to get back my english (i am very poor now:-<)
so i will continue my english blog,too.

thank you for dropping by and read my page. i am very happy to hear from you , too :-)

xxx tka

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